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At ICP we are guided by a clear strategy that is backed by strong resources and values to deliver outstanding and value added engineering & construction services. We will never be satisfied until these ambitions are achieved..

Our goal is to be an exceptional provider of construction services with scale and resources to successfully meet customer expectations. This requires outstanding performance by our dynamic team of highly skilled people, who are passionate to timeously deliver integrated, innovative and quality construction services, safety and within budget..

Whether its a commercial development, buildings, infrastructure services, earthworks or mining development, we deliver sustainable construction services to the built and natural environments.

Our Enabling Approach at ICP

We are differentiated by the breadth of our construction capability and our highly qualified and experienced management team through which we possess extensive abilities.

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Brand Values

Our values define, direct and distinguish our business. They are the principles that govern our behaviour and are qualities we take pride in and appreciate in each other.

Our Values

Our Mission

Our Vision directs ourstrategy and is based on our values that underpin our business. This is displayed in our mission statement which sets out an inspirational path for the business to follow.

To embark on a path of business excellence involving dyamic, innovative and initiatve teamwork and high levels of technical and managerialskils that ensures customer satisfaction.

To nurture human capability and invest to ensure that the right technology, skills, behaviours and intellectual property are available for the pursuit of company goals.

To provide a conducive and stimulating working environment where employees are included, meet fresh and exciting challenges and experience the satisfaction of a job well done. Every employee contributes to value-added performance and the work environment is flexible to change; and open to innovation.

Our Vision

To be the construction services house of choice that delivers first class projects safely, on time and within budget.

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